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08 Apr 2023  09:00PM - 02:00AM

Tango Is More Than Just a Dance...

It comes into your life as a simple interest, develops into a nice hobby, slowly grows into an obsession… and gradually becomes your lifestyle…

Tango is not just a combination of pretty steps… it is a bouquet of human emotions - passion, anger, happiness, desire, lust, jealousy, love… interpreted uniquely by each individual person… and expressed on the dance floor…

Our vocabulary is rather limited… there is only so much that you can say in words… You can write pages and pages of romantic letters to the woman that you love, and still have a hard time expressing your true feelings… but a single touch, a sole motion on the dance floor can let her know so much in a single moment! Tango allows you to communicate your feelings and emotions much stronger… you are happy - you dance one way… you are sad or angry - you dance another way! The steps and moves that seem to be the same will come out differently depending on how you feel at that particular moment, what music you are dancing to, and who you are dancing with… Precisely because of that no Tango is ever the same! Every dance is always unique… it is pure improvisation! You may know the steps in your head… but your heart tells you where to move.

Tango brings together people from all walks of life… and erases their differences! It does not matter how old you are… it does not matter who you are or what you do for a living… all that matters is that you want to dance… When You are on the dance floor… nothing else exists around you… You surrender to the music and let it move you… it gets deep inside your heart and your soul, engulfs you completely… captivates you…

Tango is not just a dance… it is a lifestyle… it is distinctive, timeless and everlasting… It spans through decades, continents, nations and people! Tango is a unique culture, rich with history, thrilling and controversial, passionate and mysterious… And with every single song, with every single dance it draws you to it stronger and stronger and makes you want to be part of it more and more…

- Vladimir Estrin

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