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"El Encuentro" Milonga
From Saturday 10 November 2018 -  09:30pm
To Sunday 11 November 2018 - 03:00am
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Contact (818) 981-6500

EL ENCUENTRO was the first milonga to open in Los Angeles with a true Buenos Aires flavor, introducing among other things; tandas (musical sets), cortinas (breaks), classes with an emphasis on tango etiquette, the first All-Night milongas and the only (and still) weekly late-night milonga. Several years later it continues to be one of the most popular gathering places for tangueros. Each and every Saturday night guests are greeted in the Argentinean style, with abrazos and besos (hugs and kisses).

For many dancers in the L.A. area, Saturday night at EL ENCUENTRO is de rigeur. Even dancers from Santa Barbara and San Diego make it a regular part of their weekend. Visiting dancers from all over the country, all over the world, repeatedly tell the hosts that El Encuentro holds its own against the best milongas in Buenos Aires and New York.

Whenever they are in town, world-renowned dancers make it a point to stop by EL ENCUENTRO and always grace the milonga with unforgettable exhibitions. 

Masters such as Fernanda & Guillermo, Chicho & Lucia, Julio & Corinna, Fabian & Carolina, Nito & Elba, Natalia Hills, Gabriel Misse, Carlos Barrionuevo & Mayte Valdes, the cast of Forever Tango…and on and on.   

Even famous tango musicians love to come by to visit, such as  Horacio Romo, etc.  Legends such as Osvaldo Zoto and Gavito always made it a point to drop by EL ENCUENTRO.

Angel &Julie with Tomas Galvan & Gimena Herrera at El Encuentro

And they all come for the same reason as regulars dancers do because as one enters EL ENCUENTRO, they do indeed encounter a warm atmosphere, a bountiful buffet, great music, a great dance floor filled with wonderful dancers to watch and to dance with. In fact, everyone says that a night at EL ENCUENTRO is like a party. So, come join the party! We will be waiting for you every Saturday Night!

El Encuentro's Surprise Milonga Slideshow
From Our Friend Lauro Esquerra



Some of our visitors comments:

"…As a longtime tanguero who has traveled the world over, I feel at home here".
- Pocho N., Buenos Aires

"…this is one of the two best milongas in the USA." 
- Mike R., Santa Barbara

"…one of the best milongas I have been to in North America"
- Julio B., Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Congratulations. This place reminds me of tango in Montevideo and Buenos Aires" 
- Ernesto M., Montevideo & Beverly Hills

"…the music here is as good if not better than in Buenos Aires. "
- Edmundo T., Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Word gets around…this is one great milonga"
- Sharuk, Boston

"A totally unexpected surprise" 
- Kara Wenger, Chicago

"I love this place!"
- Pablo S., Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Always great energy and vibes here" 
- Bronwen H., Montreal, Canada

"A fun and genuine place. I never miss it when I am in town"
- Loreen A., New York

"I always find interesting music and great people to dance with."
- Dave B., Montana

"It is fantastic what you have created here" 
- Coco D., Paris, France

"You and Angel have created something incredible, you are the true heart of LA tango community. Besides your love for the dance and the music, your knowledge and understanding of its subtleties, and your ability to bring   the very best on the floor of the Tango room -- which in itself is an amazing combination-The Tango Room itself is a magical space."
Guest, Dec. 2012

"Dear Julie and Angel, although we couldn't be there last Saturday night, I can imagine your beautiful space... already full of love.. going to, yet again, a new dimension! That's what happens when so much love, creativity and caring go into a room... not to mention the hard work you do... that appears effortless of your part. You and Angel are magical."
Guest, Dec. 2012

Here's a lovely commentary from the blog of one of our guest: "El Encuentro All Night Milonga"
Gmagni, Feb. 2016


  We're now open every day Monday through Friday from 12:00 noon to 2PM for anyone to come dance/practice/learn/share/schmooze or just hang out.  People can bring their lunches.  So for only $5,  the studio is available for two hours.  Quite a deal!! 

Location The Tango Room: 4346 Woodman Ave. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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